Feb 7, 2011

Ooh Do I Love You -- 2 x CD Compilation [CORE FOR CARE]

I'm not even to begin trying to type out the track listing for this monstrosity, it was a 2 x CD comp where both discs were completely stuffed to the 74 minute mark, and too many of these bands are just a little too forgettable in my mind to warrant that kind of treatment.  However, this comp occupies a special place in my heart because I think it truly represents the moment that I cut my "music nerd teeth" in a visible way.

Some friends and I were hanging out one day and I read about this comp and got my buddy Todd excited about it too, so we ended up driving to every indie record store in like a 200 mile radius looking for it, to no avail. I tried to mail-order it later, but the run was out, and they weren't planning on repressing it. So I gave up. As luck would have it, I found a brand new but dusty copy of it sitting in with the "CD Singles" in the world's lest 'underground' record store about six months later and even did the "yesss" fist pump in public.

Unfortunately, the record as a whole isn't great -- there are definitely a lot of "friends of friends" bands happening here, and a lot of short-lived side-projects, and (for whatever reason) more than a handful of weird cover songs. However, the Promise Ring + Kinsella version of "Ooh Do I Love You" is FAR surperior to the original Cap'n Jazz one, The Dismemberment Plan's track is one of their really fun and uncharacteristically "rock and rollish" songs, and the Braid song stands as one of my favorite things they've recorded to this day (as well as being the first Braid song I ever heard).

So, enjoy!

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