Feb 9, 2011

Emo Schmemo - 7" Compilation [LIBERTY PARK]

Gila Bend "My Dream Locomotive"
Orwell "4242"
Cinco de Gatos "What's Wrong With Butterfly, Sugar?"
Braid "To Kiss a Trumpet Player"

This is the epitome of the 'forgotten 7" comp' -- I have no idea what the run was, but I'm guessing it was WAY under 500, and it hung around in my memory for so long because of the amazing Orwell song on it.  For those unfamiliar, Orwell was a side project of Bob Nanna from Braid, and on this record at least, they far outshine the Braid contributing.  The Gila Bend song will definitely please fans of the band (which I am not), and the Cinco de Gatos song is sort of forgettable but passionately performed.

1 comment:

  1. Are the lyrics for that Orwell song on the insert? I can't seem to find them.