Feb 10, 2011

Attaining the Supreme - LP Compilation [WHIRLED RECORDS]

Man Or Astroman "Joker's Wild"
Whirlybird "Foogatavie"
M Blanket "Some Other Day"
Swank "Latin American Negro"
Teeth "Enzyme"
Squatweiler "73 Degrees"
Shade "In The Battle"
Quadiliacha "It Happens"
Hot Water Music "Incisions"
Waffle Stomper "Berol Giant"
Maximillian Colby "New Jello"
Tanner Boyle "Phase To Retired"
Second Hand "Rose And A Thicket Of Thorns"
Horace Pinker "Extra Step"
Water Monitor "User Friendly"
Less Than Jake "This Is Going Nowhere"
The Pee Tanks "Santa Gada Da Vida"
Car Vs. Driver "I Was Bitter"
The Odd Numbers "So Many Girls (Live)"
Bug Hummer "Burning Atlanta"

This was a 'regional' comp for Whirled more than anything that had to do with stylistic or thematic consistency.  However, it's probably mostly famous for using the same title as the most recent Shelter album at the time, "Attaining the Supreme", and recasting the imagery from the Bahagahd-Vita to a Pizza Hut box.  This visual pun always cracked me up, and angered a ton of the Krsnacore brigade.

Since this comp has more to do with the fact that the bands are mostly from the Southeastern US than anything to do with their actual music, it can be incredibly hit-and-miss.  However, there's some great songs on here (Car vs. Driver and Max Colby both provide some amazing standouts).  As an aside, the band Shade was from my hometown of Bradenton, FL.  Their singer and guitarist, Lea and Brian, were a couple who were about eight years older than me at the time and really took pity on my backwards-ass attempts to discover punk rock. A lot of the first shows I attended AND played were due to the prodding and encouragement of those two.  So thanks, Shade!

Anyways, enjoy the music.

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