Feb 4, 2011

Eucalyptus -- 2 x 7" Compilation [TREE RECORDS]

Indian Summer "Touch the Wing of an Angel... Doesn't Mean You Can Fly"
Current "Bastille"
Allure "I Think I Can"
Shroomunion "Calm"
Boilermaker "Slingshot"
Embassy "Blackness"
Julia "I Will Not Be Ignored"

The Eucalyptus compilation was a two 7" released in 1996 by Tree Records. It was a really small run, and I was lucky enough to find a copy at Alternative Record Store in Tampa a couple years after it was released. This record definitely skewed heavily towards the melodramatic, rolling-on-the-floor side of emo, but I loved it nonetheless and it still carries a ton of memories for me.

The Indian Summer and Julia tunes, especially, are great songs -- I'd argue that the Indian Summer song on this record, "Touch the Wings of an Angel...", is the best song the band ever released. And Julia kills it as usual, doing their standard facing-away-from-the-audience nervous-breakdown thing.

The Boilermaker song might come as a surprise to somebody whose main exposure to the band is from the Direction comp, or even the Watercourse album, since it's a lot heavier and less brooding than the later stuff and is actually sort of reminiscent of Heavy Vegetable.

If I'm remembering correctly, a lot of the stuff on this record had been released, but a lot of these bands have become pretty tough to track down over the years, so the compilation definitely serves as a good record of bands like Allue and Shroomunion, who don't get a lot of love on the nostalgia circuit.

Anyways, please enjoy, this record was very influential on me as a younger dude and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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