Feb 4, 2011

Action Patrol -- "On Patrol 1993-96" Discography

Action Patrol was a really great band that is sort of criminally overlooked when people talk about old hardcore bands, probably because they were very difficult to pigeonhole.  They bounced all over the place stylistically, from pop-punk to ska-ish stuff to straight up hardcore breakdowns, and their vocalist Dave's voice still stands as one of the coolest and most frenetic I've heard.

My first exposure to Action Patrol was the Blindspot Compilation, a promotional CD put together for a mailorder distro that was run by Toybox and No Idea, and I definitely feel in love immediately.  The Action Patrol LP (on Whirled Records, I think) was definitely a summertime staple of my friends and I for several years, and when the "B is for..." 7" came out, I listened to it like six times in a row.

The coolest thing about Action Patrol, in my opinion, was that they were obviously all amazingly talented musicians and sounded like a really tight band even when they were spazzing out all over the place.  This is definitely a worthwhile download if you like frantic energy and melodies that are constantly on the verge of falling apart.

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  1. YES INDEED. and AMAZING and sadly overlooked band. one of the best vocalists from that era.