Feb 15, 2011

Don Martin 3 / Moonraker / Hope Springs Eternal -- 3-way Split 7"

Moonraker "White Christmas"
Hope Springs Eternal "Drone"
Don Martin 3 "Transistor"

First, the elephant in the room -- this record has Don Martin 3 on it, which means you're never going to find a physical copy of it for under like fifty bucks because the 'collectors' have decided to go apeshit over them.  That being said, this is a very good record that really does deserve to be heard, so I'm glad there's a digital version available.

The Moonraker song on here is definitely one of my favorites, and one of favorite emo songs of the era, really, it's really raw and affecting and provides an interesting counterpoint to the Don Martin 3 song.  DM3, by all accounts, was a joke band who were lampooning the self-serious nature of emo, but kind of ended up doing the "Poe's Law" thing where the parody became unrecognizable. Of the two songs, I'd probably classify the DM3 one as sounding more "legit", but the Moonraker tune is the 'real article'.  I definitely got sucked in by the Don Martin mystique, I had their self-titled 10" and used to routinely name it as one of my favorite records, so when I later found that they were basically making fun of me, it was a little tough to accept.

Anyway, this is a great document of Florida's emo/post-hc scene circa 1996 and it makes me filled with backwards civic pride. Southeast first!

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  1. Thanks for this record!!! I used to have it back in the day, but alas. Just so you know, DM3 were definitely not a joke band, and weren't making fun of anything/anyone. I was/am friends with people in all the bands on this record and the people who put it out. Nothing but the deepest sincerity, from everyone involved. Great blog, and thanks again for all this music that I've been missing for years!